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In early 2014, we will start offering free, easy-to-use website templates geared towards churches and cause-driven organizations through Freely. Take a look and find one that tickles your fancy.


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We pour our heart & soul into each project to build trust and exceed the expectations of our clients. Our portfolio has a sampling of work from some of those wonderful clients. Enjoy!

Meet BWR


BW Roberts

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Thanksgiving 2011, a jobless Ben W Roberts designed his first website for free to help a church plant. BWR Design now designs websites for churches & organizations all over the world. He loves Jesus, loves his wife, works & volunteers at his local church, and runs BWR Design: in that order.

Our Expectations

When we say we will exceed

your expectations, we're serious!

BWR Design is all about going above and beyond for our clients. The reason we gain clients and keep them is simple; our reputation precedes us and we build trust before pushing product. We care that you get more than you expect, so we want you to see what we expect.


Here's our 5 Expectations.

1. You Should WANT To Hire Us!

Our reputation and portfolio can speak for themselves, and after the first conversation you'll know what makes If you like our design style and our sparkling personality, then you'll see our passion shine through in your project. We understand not every project fits our skills, expertise, and passion. We expect to be hired because of who we are, and because you care about your project.

2. You Should Trust Us!

Our greatest asset as a company is trust. We are only as good as the clients who can trust us with their toughest projects. We take building trust very seriously, it's about the only thing we do take seriously! We know trust doesn't happen over night, but if you don't think we could earn your trust, then conflict will exist throughout the project.

3. We Need Content In A Timely Manner!

We can't finish a project until we have everything we need from the client. Whether its an "about us" or a logo, content is king and the more we have in the beginning the better we can design. If there is anything we need from your company for your project to exceed your expectations, we hope you'd be willing to get that to us as quickly as possible. We think that's a reasonable request.

4. Understand Great Design Takes Time!

We're always up for the challenge of a tight deadline, but that doesn't mean we can work 24/7 without your project suffering. To have the very best we can offer requires the necessary time to effectively follow the design process for your project. We will give you an idea of how long your project will take before we start, and we promise your patience will payoff!

5. Ask Us Questions!

We like to think we know our stuff, but we're also here to make sure you're comfortable with the direction of your project. BWR has the heart of a teacher, so we want you to bring on the questions. If our clients doesn't have any questions about us or their project, then it means we are even better than we thought, the client doesn't care enough about the project, or the client is our grandma.


If our expectations didn't scare you off, we think we'd be a great fit. Whatever your project is, we want to hear about it so we can help.


You can get in touch with us anytime, day or night, through email or social media and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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